Beautiful! I love all of your earrings, especially the ones with ultra long feathers. xo


I love your craft it's beautiful! Definitely need a couple more pairs.

Lisa P.

If you crave some beautiful one-of-a-kind dream catcher earrings... Go support Lutis Flower!

Hannah S.

I'm in love with everything she makes annnd I'm so so happy to own a pair of her magic!

Ashley W.

Wow! I'm feeling so empowered by these earrings from Lutis Flower Creations!

Sam R.

O.M.G!! These earrings are absolutely amazing! I adore them to no end. Thank you so much!

Wendy T.

I finally have a pair of my own Lutis Flower Creations - so in love with these tiny dream catcher earrings!!!

Willow B.

Hey Lutie! I thought you might like to hear how much we looooved the dream catcher! Thank you again soo much!

Heather O.

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