How can I refund my purchase?
Please see our refund policy.
How can I track my order?
Please see our tracking page
Where are you located?
LFC Headquarters are located in Wisconsin, USA
How can I place a custom order?
Scan the QR code below to be directed to Lutis Flower Creations instagram to send a private message or email lutielynnburton @ gmail.com to discuss prices, color schemes, gemstone options & more! 
How do I care for my feathered earrings?
These are made with natural rooster feathers (some natural, some dyed) commonly used for the ever so trendy feather hair extensions. Meaning they’re a bit more durable; yet should always be cared for as delicate! *avoid moisture to keep fluffiness* all hooks are nickel free unless stated, additional hooks (clip on, .925 sterling silver) can be added upon request. 
  • if they do become wet, they can be easily cleaned & dried with the help of a flat iron and a blow dryer (on the lowest setting)
  • earring repairs vary on price & damage
  • returns / refunds vary depending when purchased
 * keep out of reach of small & furry friends *
If you have any concerns or questions,
please contact me at lutielynnburton @ gmail.com
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